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Everything about the WWE in a random, complex form of consciousness.

Omfg, Dean better not rape that poor doll.

Check out this intense, sit-down interview with Drew and Billy Kirkwood.

(Can’t tag peeps cos I’m using my Windows Phone)

El PatrĂ³n Alberto caps from Lucha AAA Ring Rockstars. Will post link to video when I have access to my desktop.

Please don’t steal these and post them on your sites. If you’re using, I deserve credit.

Some Slater Gator pix from their recent tour in Malaysia this past weekend.

Brad Maddox has a new series. Check it out ICYMI!

(I can’t believe that’s actually his daughter. She looks just like him!)

Last Night...

  • My ma: You know what I think of Slater Gator?
  • Me: What?
  • My ma: Chocolate and Strawberry.
  • I kid you fucking not, folks!